Dave Miley
FameRank: 6

"As manager"

* Cincinnati Reds (–)


"David Allen Miley" (born April 3, 1962) is an American former baseball player and manager (baseball)/manager.

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That dress code isn't going to work.

The bullpen was the big key for us. They came in and did a great job when we needed it.

It was nice to get an early lead on them again.

That ball should be caught.

We just can?t seem to get the one big hit we need.

He's really battling and that's what you like to see. I remember how it was for Aaron Boone (then a top Cincinnati prospect playing for Miley in Indianapolis in 1997). He didn't scuffle a whole lot until he got to Triple-A and then he really learned.

Sometimes you get into a rehab start and the guy is going out there only to get his work in. Smally, you have to tip your hat to him, went out to win the game. Smally?s a class act.

We could have gotten out of here with a split if we were able to execute.

You might say he pitched a decent game because he gave up three runs. But he was in trouble every inning and he was probably one hit here or there from being out earlier than what he was.