Dave Hughes
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"David William "Hughesy" Hughes", is an Australians/Australian stand-up comedy/stand-up comedian, and a Presenter/radio and television presenter. He is known for being a co-host on Network Ten's Before the Game, until the show finished in 2013. He is also known for his larrikin personality, drawling Australian accent, and deadpan comedic delivery.

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We were bailing out water until 1 a.m. and pumping out the basement. I can't figure out why everyone else pays city taxes but mine are four or five times higher because I have to spend $4,000 every four years to fix my house. I thought taxes fixed problems like these.

I think we have the best two teams in the state.

Developers or builders would speculate on the higher-end homes, figuring that the market was there. We've seen a definite pullback in that speculative market.