Offensively and defensively, we didn't play intelligently in the second half. There are ways you play when you're in foul trouble and we didn't do it.

I asked them to dig down and show some character and overcome adversity. It has been a rough last week for us, and hopefully we'll stay on the right track.

We learned we're not untouchable. But there are flaws on this team.

The Mike Grayson era has begun. But we're not expecting Grayson to be Shannon Doctor. I thought Mountain View played good defense. (Sharp) and Schuyler should get used to getting a little more attention.

I'm happy we showed some heart, and came back and put them away. Other than the Tucson High game, we're having a problem coming out in the third quarter.

Our guys just need to be mentally strong and go after them. Other teams have beaten them there; it's going to be tough though.

We just played well on both ends of the floor. We expected pressure, which we didn't get early.

It was just getting some games in after missing all that time. That hop thing is what I taught guys at Coolidge … I'd love to see him attack off the bounce.

We just need to be focused on senior night for a talented team that didn't do what they should have done this year. We need to take our defense to a new level. (Tonight) is going to be a little more of a challenge. Rather than defending good systems, we'll be defending good athletes.