Dave Cole
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"David Bruce Cole" was an United States/American professional baseball player who played six Major league seasons between and .

Born in Williamsport, Maryland, Cole was known as one of the "wildest" pitchers with a career Bases on balls per 9 innings pitched/BB/9 of 7.556

He achieved the notable feat of recording three outs without throwing a single strike while pitching for the Atlanta Braves/Boston Braves in in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cole spent four years with the Braves, following the team from Boston to Milwaukee before spending a season with the Chicago Cubs. From the Cubs, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for Roy Smalley III/Roy Smalley. Upon his trade to Philadelphia in , he is said to have remarked: "That's too bad; they're the only team I can beat." In fact four of his six career victories came against the Phillies. Coincidentally, the two players died within four days of each other.

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