Dave Brubeck
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"David Warren "Dave" Brubeck" was an American Jazz piano/jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. He wrote a number of jazz standards, including "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "The Duke". Brubeck's style ranged from refined to bombastic, reflecting his mother's attempts at Classical music/classical training and his improvisational skills. His music is known for employing unusual time signatures, and superimposing contrasting rhythms, meter (music)/meters, and tonality/tonalities.

His long-time musical partner, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, wrote the saxophone melody for the #Dave Brubeck Quartet/Dave Brubeck Quartet's best remembered piece, "Take Five", which is in 5/4 time and has endured as a jazz classic on one of the top-selling jazz albums, Time Out (album)/Time Out. Brubeck experimented with time signatures throughout his career, recording "Pick Up Sticks" in 6/4, "Unsquare Dance" in 7/4, "World's Fair" in 13/4, and "Blue Rondo à la Turk" in 9/8. He was also a respected composer of orchestral and sacred music, and wrote soundtracks for television such as Mr. Broadway and the animated miniseries This Is America, Charlie Brown.

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The Pacific Mozart Chorale in Berkeley asked four different composers (the other three are John Adams, Meredith Monk and David Lang) to fill in what Mozart left out.

And it still produces, too. The Stockton Symphony is top-notch in my book, and there's some great students coming to the institute. Joe Gilman (the American River College music professor who also teaches at the institute) is one of the most talented pianists I've ever heard. That praise doesn't do him justice.

Take Five. There's a certain piece that if we don't play, we're in trouble.

We immediately gelled and we both were hearing things together and feeling the beat together, ... We both had a wonderful ball ... it was a fun, enjoyable musical experience.

On my way out here, I was writing all the way on the plane, ... and as soon as I got to San Diego, I arranged with the symphony to find an old practice room in their basement. It's better than two-thirds completed. I'd say four-fifths.

It has taken me almost 60 years finally to compose something I wanted to write when I was a young soldier in Europe.

[? Dave Brubeck and Marian McPartland, two masters of the jazz piano, Friday.] It's always an event, when she's there, ... She's a wonderful pianist.

I was young, too, ... It was new for both of us.