Once he got his first match under his belt, he was a little disappointed that he didn't wrestle (Huffman) better.

I'm not quite sure if he was ready or not. If he wrestled him again he'll be ready. When you get to those type of matches, you have to be able to step it up in the championship match.

In his second match. He looked much better than in his first.

I think that first match (today) is big. If Jeremy can win that first match and get his confidence up, he could make a run at it.

It's important to learn what they have to do, not only to be successful in wrestling, but to make weight in the morning and that night. This will be very important to get ready for state and knowing how to make weight that night and not have to run and make weight in the morning.

He just works hard. He doesn't get frustrated and he doesn't have bad nights in practice. He's very consistent and he works hard. That's Jeremy in a nutshell.