He's popular, but he's a Republican representing a Blue State. People are going to have to decide if they want a Republican who often votes with the Democrats, or a real Democrat.

Voters see great promise in breakthrough research into cures of major diseases, ... If he vetoes, he is running the risk of alienating a big portion of the electorate. It makes him look out of touch.

Losing one or both of them would be devastating.

It is important to balance the local and national media. They each have different needs and cover things differently. Recently, [Bush] has been less adept and more easily thrown off message. This could be one reason he's gone down in the polls.

He knew who we were.

He definitely aspires to a much grander role for himself, ... a hard, driving ambition.

We look for a leading figure in an area of public interest - politicians, journalists, anyone who will speak out on the issues.

That has become the centerpiece of Bush's second term. It's really the 800-pound gorilla that affects everything else in the budget.

He is still learning to cope with the pressures of being a Kennedy.