"As player"

*Baltimore Orioles/St. Louis Browns (1952)

*Chicago White Sox (1952)

*New York Yankees (1957–58)

*St. Louis Cardinals (1960)

*Philadelphia Phillies (1961)

*Cincinnati Reds (1961–62)

*Baltimore Orioles (1962)

"As coach"

*St. Louis Cardinals (1960–61)

*Baltimore Orioles (1962)

*Boston Red Sox (1968–69)

*Texas Rangers (baseball)/Texas Rangers (1981–82)

*New York Mets (1983)

"As manager"

*Boston Red Sox (1974–76)

*Seattle Mariners (1977–80)

*Texas Rangers (baseball)/Texas Rangers (1982)


* Member of National League champion Cincinnati Reds and played in the 1961 World Series

* The Sporting News Major League Baseball/Major League Manager of the Year (1975)

* The Associated Press American League Manager of the Year (1975)


"Darrell Dean Johnson" (August 25, 1928 – May 3, 2004) was an United States/American Major League Baseball catcher, coach (baseball)/coach, manager (baseball)/manager and scout (sports)/scout.

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I don't think they put a lot of emphasis on it. I didn't even know there was recycling in the dorms until we had to do inventory and I noticed the bin. Then we had to ask about it and we didn't know there was a recycling area until then.

How it's made back is, it's one of the most highly rated shows that you will see across an entire year in terms of just the number of eyeballs that are tuned in. Because we like to have fun and try to create a positive connection between our brand and consumers, we think over time it has just made sense for us to be in that space.

Two income families, busier lifestyles and a greater desire for personal amenities are driving the demand for more services to make life less hectic and improve mental as well as physical health. Franchising companies are fulfilling that demand.

From July until the end of December was one of the highest periods ever of increases for transportation projects. Labor costs are not an issue here - it's raw materials.

I think we got a ways to go. I think everyone has a ways to go. I am familiar with the recycling programs at CSU and CU (University of Colorado- Boulder) and I think they both do a really good job.