The next morning, he got up early and started practicing his basketball technique. He practiced and practiced and guess what? He made the team.

There's so much growth going on and there's doesn't seem to be any planning.

He did speak globally when he talked about cancer and the effect it had on so many people. So I think he wouldn't be surprised that there are runs around the world now.

We definitely need to strengthen our soil and erosion control ordinance.

The reproduction of the very shoe Terry wore during his Marathon of Hope will greatly enhance our fundraising efforts while reminding Canadians of his noble dream to end the suffering that cancer causes.

His legacy is so much greater now than in 1980.

It's a piece of Terry and we cherish it obviously but we know it's in good hands. We always know we can go and look at it if we want to, and we have others as well.

Terry asked for $1 from every Canadian in 1980, so it's fitting that his image now graces the $1 coin.

We already have a shooting range. I don't see where there's enough people (who would use another) that one needs to be moved into a community.