We were getting the ball where we wanted, but we just weren't scoring.

Sometimes when you're working so hard, it's hard to get over the hump.

We adjusted a little at halftime. We slowed down on our side of the court.

Though they're kind of a small team, they really crash the boards. They killed us on offensive boards when we went to their place.

You are eight minutes away from making history.

We were hoping for that. We only saw them once this season and their guard shot it pretty good. Our concern was keeping them on the perimeter and off the boards.

We first started out in a man and for some reason we weren't rotating and they were screening and cutting but we went to a zone and matched out of it. Then we went back to man to man but they didn't run the same thing when we did it so the pattern was easier to cover. We were fortunate that they cooled off a little bit.

Mountain View's a great team. I'm proud of our girls because they never quit again. This tournament was a good test for them for next season.

We made a few adjustments on defense. We took some things away and we didn't let them have the offensive rebounds.