We want to help them get the word out that they converted from the Otter to the Beechcraft, ... We want people to experience the aircraft and hopefully the word of mouth will translate into more passengers.

Propaganda as an art form is kind of funny. Golf is funny. It just put a smile on my face.

We need to be advised as to whether there will be the termination of service on the grounds of redundancy for some or all of the workers as a result of the ownership change. If that is not the case, the matter needs to be settled as to whether there will be a renewal of the existing contract of employment, or the re-engagement under a new contract.

.Surely we would not be a part of any protest that had a partisan or political approach to it.

You could, in theory, get a hole-in-one off two banks. It's not terribly complex. I was less worried about the course than the scenery.