"Danny Mitchell", is the current goalkeeper for the Saint Lucia national football team and Mabouya Valley Rovers F.C.

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds, he appeared in three games. The first was a match against Turks and Caicos national football team, which ended 2-0 to St. Lucia, with Danny getting a clean sheet.

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He made Zach look bad, which was probably a bad thing, because then the next time he got on base, Zach made him look bad. But he learned from that. He's fearless. All of our kids are playing hard.

It was nice to see that ball go out. That was a big hit right there.

When he goes, we go, more or less.

After that football game, we found each other, and I think Matthew and I hugged. ... I told him how much I loved him, and that no matter how big an ass I am, he's a good kid. That's what I want him to always remember.

It's been a circus, (but) we got so much stuff going on in the spring, I can understand it. Karen (Hampton athletic director Karen Holly) has talked to the people downtown, (and) I think we've got it worked out.