The offense did OK. We couldn't pound the ball and made the defense stay out on the field all night.

We're really excited about the win and now we can get on the plane and celebrate.

Coach doesn't act 71. I don't know of another 71-year-old out there in the middle of practice getting knocked down. Six or seven years ago he was saying some of that stuff and people wondered what he was talking about because Florida Atlantic didn't even have a team. But he's making it happen.

I love him. He's probably one of the favorite coaches that I've had. He's the type of person I want coaching me. He's not too uptight. He's not in your face. He enjoys other things instead of just football. He's very good on the sideline if things are going wrong and people are freaking out.

We really just couldn't run the football tonight. Without being able to pound the ball on offense, it makes it tough on everyone. I believe that's why the defense gave up 28 points out of the 30 and started cramping up.

I thought they would come back. They didn't want to be embarrassed by a team like us. But I was also thinking three-peat.