This is a part of the County Wide Transportation Plan.

One thing I really like about the job is that we have a very clear path to betterment of the general public. If our project succeeds, and we're able to place payloads in orbit much cheaper than we do now, a lot of people win. We'll get a lot more research in space.

Our players definitely stepped it up against a very disciplined and solid Mandeville team. It was a big accomplishment playing such a strong match against one of the better teams in the area. We had to spread things out on offense and were able to hang in there.

There's a lot of stress associated with this job. You want to keep the project alive, and you've got to constantly sell it, and there is a lot of budget pressure.

The guy is a better back than I thought he was.

To make sure that we are needed, focusing on relevant activities that really do show a payoff, so that you are not vulnerable to extinction.

I grew up in the labs, and worked very closely with shuttle components.

Like a dance: how low can you go.

We're a pretty easy mark because we're out front trying to do some things not easily done. We're very visible to the public. To make those things happen requires a lot of activity, a lot of energy, therefore you have to spend a lot of money.