Say if my grandma was a permanent resident, and I know her, we'd both be considered felons.

The idea is simple. The fear is that the bird virus will re-assort with a human virus and generate a pandemic human flu. If you vaccinate against human influenza, they can't catch it, so you won't get re-assortment.

For the city to imply a connection is more of the same smear campaign, and to some extent sour grapes.

Crime is low, because the police are doing their jobs, but recruiting is high.

It just has to be glassy; it can be small, but if it's glassy it will work good.

Right now, that is the only tool that is effective in controlling avian influenza.

It costs about $80 each way to bring your board to the mainland. If you travel only like two to three times a year, you're already making up your money [for the rented space].

Since they won't tell him what he did, it's impossible for him to defend himself.

There is no connection between the artists who performed at the event and ordinary, run-of-the-mill graffiti arrests.