"Daniel "Danny" Pearson" is an English actor and presenter, best known for his role as List of Tracy Beaker series characters#Rick Barber/Rick Barber the BAFTA winning United Kingdom/British children's television series, Tracy Beaker Returns and in the BAFTA winning spin - off series,The Dumping Ground.

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With our saturation coverage these days, this is much more of a problem than it ever has been.

Now we are watching the agony, we are watching the suffering, we can see the extreme destruction, ... That is extremely hard for people to grasp. It's beyond the day-to-day human experience of most people. It's beyond the coping mechanisms of daily life.

And it's different than the tsunami in Asia, where the disaster was half a world away. This time it's so close to home. It's affecting a place that many of us have visited and are familiar with. Some of us know people who live there or have relatives in the region. It's much harder to separate ourselves from this.

Everyone is overwhelmed by this.