Daniel Hall
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"Daniel Hall" is a fictional Character (arts)/character in the The Sandman (Vertigo)/Sandman comic book series written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics. An infant for the majority of the Sandman series, he is the son of Fury (DC Comics)/Hippolyta 'Lyta' Hall and Hector Hall, borne for two years in The Dreaming (comics)/the Dreaming (where the Halls were being held prisoner by Brute and Glob, two nightmares who had escaped during Dream (comics)/Dream's earthly exile). Hector Hall was a perennial DC character, son of Carter Hall (comics)/Carter Hall (the Golden Age of Comic Books/Golden Age Hawkman), and has assumed many guises during his stay in the DC Universe, and was at one point Sandman (DC Comics)/the Sandman and hence he inherited the same identity in Gaiman's Sandman. Lyta was the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman (later changed post-Crisis to a new "Golden Age Fury") and once a superheroine called the Fury (DC Comics)/Fury whose powers were derived from Tisiphone. When her fellow members of Infinity, Inc. learned she was pregnant, she was forced to resign from active duty. Daniel, at the end of the Sandman series, becomes the new Dream of the Endless after the demise of his predecessor.

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