We're pretty strong, especially the top three. We just have to get the rest in, which will play itself out during the season. When we have two returning runners who made state, we have a pretty good chance.

You really want to know?

We understand that service crews are currently going in to the affected areas trying to restore service that includes wire-line providers, wireless providers, satellite and broadcast: radio, television and cable.

[Day], as of now, is an unbelievable athlete. She's very capable of [reaching] state and I think she can make the all-state team in [CIF Division III]. She will easily win league.

We have a very young but talented team. We need to have big success this year for bigger goals for the following year.

You get promoted for burning each other. You have to work internal affairs before you can be a captain. That should tell you something.

It's definitely a rebuilding year. But next year we will have three seniors and two juniors.

It was a down year for the team last year. But Mitch and Luis should be a good one-two punch this year.

We want to place well in league and we want to challenge all the kids. But the numbers are low. The margin for mistakes is very thin. There's no room for mistakes or injuries.