We missed an awful lot of tackles last year and that's one thing that coach (Marvin) Burke and the defensive staff have spent a lot of time on, helping guys learn how to tackle. Last year, we had kids diving on the ground and trying to dive at people. You've got to play this game on your feet.

Passing wise, we didn't play very smart. It hadn't been exposed until now. We had an injury at corner and they found a weakness.

(Wiggins) didn't do anything wrong, we just thought we'd go with (Taylor) to try to run a little bit more option. That was the only thing and just try to give them a different look.

They'll nickel and dime you with the passing game. That's no big deal to us, ... Their running game is really what's worrying us.

We're running through people now and I think a lot of that can be contributed to our weight training. We do a lot of cleans and explosive movements and they're starting to understand how they can use that (on the field). It's making a difference.

That's what they say and that's how it appears.

It was total chaos. It was the right call. It was a false start at the end and the clock isn't supposed to stop. They drove the ball down, but we made some bad plays and bad decisions.

Everybody's excited, ... You can tell that we're getting better every week, every day, after practice. We wouldn't mind having another week before we play, but everybody's in the same boat we are. We've worked just as hard as everybody else and we're ready to rock and roll.