Dana White
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"Dana Frederick White, Jr." is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and the President of the mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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The marketing ended up coming back and biting them, ... They ended up having to sell everything away to keep the thing floating.

Our main goal, obviously, was to get sanctioned in Nevada.

This community deserves a lot of credit.

They're responsible for it, ... The changes they made, all the new rules, the sponsors coming forth, that is all because of the new ownership.

When we first bought the company, there was the stigma attached to the UFC, ... At that time we were out trying to talk to venues. Venues weren't even interested in having the UFC there. MGM, Mandalay Bay, a few out in Atlantic City. We had to go in and get people interested in hosting UFC events.

They were running from athletic commissions, ... Senator John McCain actually went after them. Instead of working with him, (Meyrowitz) ran from him. But if it wasn't for McCain it wouldn't be the sport that it is today.

Don't ever let anybody know you're injured.

That fight really kind of kick-started his career. And he's bigger than ever now.

I will admit that I'm the one who allowed this thing to happen on my watch, ... I've said it before, if helping children is a crime, I guess I'll do the time.