"Dana Brown" is an American surfer and filmmaker, and is the oldest son of filmmaker Bruce Brown. His films include The Endless Summer Revisited (2000) which is made up of unused footage from The Endless Summer (1964) and The Endless Summer II (1994), as well as some original interviews with the stars of those films. His first all-original film was Step Into Liquid (2003) followed by a Documentary film/documentary on the Baja 1000 titled Dust to Glory (2005). In 2009, he debuted a new film called Highwater (film)/Highwater during the 100th anniversary of the Santa Monica Pier; the film follows life on the North Shore (Oahu)/North Shore and the surfers who compete in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

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I think the community support is crucial to this project.

There was a lot of sexual comedy in there we couldn't do because of where we are.

The most important thing about Annie is that she has heart. She has a genuine affection for whatever she does.

He's a local guy, so that's helping us getting him signed.

Compiling and editing the various forms of media provided us with quite a challenge. However, we chose Adobe Premiere Pro and quickly came to realize it was the answer we needed to tell our story in HD and stay within our budget. We were glad we went with the Adobe-based solution -- the final film quality blew our expectations out of the water.