Dan Savage
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"Daniel Keenan" ""Dan"" "Savage" is an American gay activist, author, media Pundit (expert)/pundit, and journalist. Savage writes the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column Savage Love. In 2010, Savage and his husband Terry Miller began the It Gets Better Project to help prevent suicide among LGBT youth. He has also worked as a theater director, sometimes credited as "Keenan Hollahan".

In his writing and public appearances, Savage has clashed with social conservatism/social conservatives on the right and the LGBT establishment on the left. He has been particularly vocal in response to Rick Santorum's views on homosexuality. He has made several controversial public statements in various media, often lambasting people with whom he disagrees.

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It's like wearing ill-fitting garments, ... They don't quite fit.

They're used to it, ... It isn't the first time I've written about my family history or dragged everyone into a book.

One hundred years, ... America will be last. America's always last. Great Britain did away with slavery 100 years before we did and it was a vote, not a war. Pakistan has had a female prime minister and we're still just fantasizing about a female president.

There's going to be some places where you're treated with respect and dignity and some places where you'd have to be a fool to live, ... So, there will be places where people can get their hair done well and places where they can't.

It hasn't changed the way we live or relate to each other, ... But there is this intangible, hard-to-pin-down sense of permanence that is hard to describe.

To keep the peace, I do show things to my family before they come out, ... It's like a 'heads up, here's what I'm writing. If you really have a problem with it or you're never going to talk to me again, give me a call.' .

I do think people should get married.

At that point, I had 50,000 to 80,000 words written about the house. Instead, it became a sequel to The Kid in a way.

So to D.J. it didn't make any sense that his two dads, both boys, would contemplate marrying each other, ... Boys weren't supposed to be interested in marriage any more than they were supposed to be interested in dolls or dresses or fairy tales about princesses.