"Daniel K. "Dan" Proft" is an entrepreneur, [http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-rauner-bruce-governor-illinois-success-perspec-1205-20141204-story.html editorial contributor to the Chicago Tribune], former Republican candidate for Governor, and a radio talk show host formerly with WLS and now with AM 560 The Answer in Chicago where he co-hosts the morning drive show from 6 to 11am Monday through Friday with Amy Jacobson.

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This is a win-win situation for the town and ticket holders. We get to reduce our cost of collection on the violations, and ticket holders get the opportunity to pay off their tickets at a tremendous savings.

The decision was made after substantial documentation of not fulfilling his responsibilities. It was hard for Larry; he's going against someone who supported him politically.

It'll be a great opportunity for the town to provide a family-style entertainment facility for our families while using an area that, prior to this administration, was commercially unproductive.

We think he was on his way to New York, where he has family.

These payments certainly put a crimp on having a balanced budget. We're paying these fees instead of expending resources for benefits such as economic development or enhanced law enforcement. This is preventative medicine, something we necessarily have to do to protect the long-term interests of taxpayers.

The hit-and-run crash is not a hit-and run.

Since they've been here, we've only had four new lawsuits.

Cicero's rapid response to secure the scene was critical in terms of bringing these people into custody.

There's no need for people to wait for the Edgar decision. Steve made his decision on August 2 (the day he announced his gubernatorial candidacy) and that's where his intentions lie.