He's very good at portraying the conventional wisdom: that as long as we balance the budget, everything's OK. The real [question] should be, what do we do to fix the size of government?

If they've pretty much given up on Social Security then what other choice do they have? Whether or not it's politically feasible remains to be seen, but at least it will use up some of the oxygen in the room and crowd out bad ideas.

It's not like they're not getting any redistribution from the government. We want less income redistribution, not more.

I'll make it simple. We don't want to be like France .

This is completely and utterly predictable. People who don't pay taxes don't get a tax cut.

There are a lot of trailers that look like a bomb went off.

It's no coincidence at all that we've had strong economic growth after the tax cuts.

The tax burden among income groups has been relatively unchanged. The administration bent over backwards to make sure that was the case.