When you get those kinds of conditions and you get a jet stream that is moving right into that area, that is exactly what we're looking for in environmental conditions that can produce a ... tornado outbreak like we had yesterday.

It is a parking lot out there. The lights are shut down because of this. It is just a nightmare.

We're not in the business of shutting people off. The people we're most concerned about are not those that can't pay, it's those that can afford to but don't.

This company is basically a Swedish version of Asia Global Crossing but without the financial trouble.

She's very athletic. The girls that already have developed the hitting motor skills are a lot easier to work with versus someone who hasn't already played sports. Once they have the motor skills developed -- throwing, hitting and hand-eye coordination -- it makes it easier to work with girls and boys like that.

Several factors are expected to come together Friday creating the potential for severe weather.

This is developing into a potentially dangerous situation.

When a deal is this large the yield tends to be muted.

This is a very widespread system.