Determining the condominium fee is a complex process.

We don't have anything to show for it, but we are getting better. I think this was the best game we've played all year. We're developing good team chemistry, our offense is running good, we got a feel for each other and people are starting to believe in one another.

You saw the difference of the physicality of the two teams.

We're getting better. I think this was our best game of the year. We're developing good team chemistry. People are starting to believe. Everybody had a good game for us.

We know they're making their decision [based] on the community, not just the school. It's pretty important that we [put our best foot forward] when we expect young people to come live here.

We just weren't ready to play. We have got to demand more out of ourselves than what we did today.

I?d say we have a real legitimate shot at three state champions. It?s exciting, it really is. I?m beside myself right now.

In Raytheon IDS, our commitment includes focusing on customer needs throughout the product life cycle. This means helping to extend the life of our systems with product upgrades and reducing life cycle costs with whole life services and support.

I can't say we made any adjustments. The kids really stepped up and did a nice job of adjusting on their own.