"Dan Marshall" was the former coach (sport)/coach of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the American Hockey League (AHL).

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I was really concerned at the half. They were killing us. The man defense made them work harder, and we brought some intensity.

Newman threw pretty well for her first time out. After Jeter threw 18 innings (Monday), we asked Dominique to get us three or four innings. She got us into the fourth and that?s what we wanted from her. She did a nice job.

We're in the Valley League now, so London will see every gimmick defense there is ---- box-and-one, triangle-and-two.

It's really fun to try to be somebody famous. We're showing a lot of people who they were and what they've done.

Escondido was just shredding our zone, so Al suggested we play man-to-man defense and get after it.

Simone can play just about any position. She?s so versatile. The one thing she?s been able to do throughout is hit the ball. You can count on that.

San Marcos has a good team. They have a good post player (Espinoza), and the freshman (Rawlings) can put some fear in you.

She played with a lot of confidence, like she knew what was coming. I never saw one indecisive moment in the game from her.

She had a little more pop, a little more adrenaline.