We are pleased that the judge's ruling recognized the sound business judgment and the sacrifice of everyone at Delta. We need to move forward with the restructuring of the company.

His positions on important issues are hollow and shift like the sand on the beach. ... He is everyone's friend and no one's ally.

A lot of suburbs have great facilities, a lot of money that is put into (the private school athletic programs), ... Integration is a big thing that hurt us because we (at Carver) always had a lot of good athletes and after integration they were going somewhere else.

The air transport industry is in sort of a perfect storm, in which a series of events have coincided -- many of which we've seen once or twice before, but never all at once -- and it has put tremendous stress on the system.

When I was coaching, the kids wanted to leave private schools for the public schools so they could get the best coaching, play the best competition. It's not that way anymore.

Because of the difficult weather conditions and because of the volume of people Hartsfield serves, we are taking measures to help prevent stranded passengers.

When a new coach comes in, it takes a while. You're not going to win right off the bat. A lot of your older (assistant) coaches are excellent teachers and now they're retiring. A lot of the younger coaches are having trouble relating to athletes today. You have to be on a level above your kids, and you have to be a disciplinarian.

It is a security incident, and it is in the hands of the FBI.

Show me a town that's got a good athletic program, they've got total support.