"Daniel S. "Dan" Kane" is an United States/American news reporter and Investigative journalism/investigative journalist for the Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper The News & Observer, notable for uncovering and exposing the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill academics-athletics scandal/athletics-academics scandal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kane is credited for unearthing substantive academic fraud in conjunction with whistleblower Mary Willingham regarding student-athletes who were directed towards phony classes, according to allegations. According to the New York Times, Kane was subjected to "violent threats, angry screeds, and Twitter flame campaigns" in response to his reporting. His reporting exposed a pattern of "lax oversight and risibly easy or nonexistent classes disproportionately benefiting athletes".

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The first priority is to learn the functioning of the council, the way it is right now...learn how to react with everybody on the council and then work on whatever it takes to make the city better.

We don't feel at this time that Haiti fulfills the very narrow criteria provided by Congress.

To ignore them means that people will be hurt and people will be killed.

When I went to the funeral, it was just ...it really hit me hard. I've never had a friend that young die.

We are monitoring the situation, and no decision has been made.

I would like to help raise the quality of life in the ward and throughout the city.

At this time we do not believe that Haiti fulfills the narrow criteria established by Congress to qualify for TPS. We are continuing to monitor the situation on the ground. It's still open.

The child's situation raises a variety of issues that will need to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. The disposition of the child may ultimately be decided by the courts.