What we do not get are the names of those people peering out from those lush, green trees.

It's tough. But we won't have anyone to run it. What can you do? That's nature. It's a shame.

We've found this year at The Woodlands that we might not need to put as much emphasis on individual meets leading up to district, regionals and state. The heat here can really take a lot out of runners, so we're sort of easing off in the early going of training and working on some fundamentals.

Columbus taught us to ignore the humanity of a certain group of people.

This is a showcase. Kids train all year to come here and compete. The meet gets washed, and that's the last chance many of them will have to come here. Seniors could have (had) a breakout run here.

That doesn't mean we will exclude other candidates that may live and work in the district. I'd just as soon have a local candidate.

The roads just break apart through the years. It was around 18 years ago Country Road was paved. The life span for a road is 10 years, so we are past due.

You want to take it seriously, ... You don't want to do anything to put anyone in harm's way. But you also don't want to wake up and see the storm went another way and have no meet.

We were up to our eyeballs in competition, ... They actually improved over the last time they ran and I was really pleased with that. The kids competed a lot better. They got out and got after it. Had they been a hundred percent physically we would have seen a much better result.