We're aware of the planned activity. We have dedicated enough resources, and we're comfortable that no one is going to get hurt. We just want to make sure everyone obeys the law and everyone is safe.

Our focus is catching the person or people responsible for this. There was evidence that we were able to get from the car, and that's ... not come back from the crime lab yet.

He appeared to be an innocent victim here.

We don't believe she ran off.

He obviously put his safety on the line. This was a selfless act on the part of the citizen. We believe his actions lead to the arrest of these individuals.

Those numbers illustrate the size of the problem. Had they been able to devote more officers, police feel they could have easily written many times the number of tickets.

Since the case began, the Aurora Police Department has spent every possible resource on this investigation. We have literally spent hundreds of a hours on this case.

It's possible that not all of the homicides occurred in Aurora's jurisdiction.

We will be very aggressive in affecting stops on people who are driving erratically. New Year's Eve is a holiday where unfortunately too many people imbibe.