Robert runs so hard and that fumble liked to tore his heart out. That type of thing is what has been holding us back, but we were able to overcome it tonight. Every game we've played this year, our defense had kept us in it. We were due for some good luck.

It depends on a whole variety of things: If they're really truly sorry for what they did, if they show sincere remorse. The severity of the offense, motive, strength of evidence -- all of that factors in to how we proceed.

Maggie Conlon made a huge jump today. If she runs like that, we can run with anyone in the state.

If the kids use their talent every day in practice, they'll be one of only a few teams that line up at the state meet with a legitimate chance of winning it.

This is a tremendous lift for us going into our regional schedule. The biggest difference tonight was to cut down on the turnovers and our defense stopped them enough times to help us win.

This is the most talented team we've ever had, and is one of the most talented teams in the state.

This team can run with anyone in the state. My only concern is whether we're going to be able to get everyone to work hard enough to make it happen.

Pleading not guilty is saying you will provide your version of what took place by not giving up the right to trial and have an attorney represent you.

The seniors had a girls-only meeting. I don't know what they said, but it seemed to work. Today was very good stuff. We were on top of our game.