For the window frame to be broken after getting outscored 3-0 in the second period, it makes you wonder if perhaps it was slammed too hard.

We planned to give away Mike's poster about two weeks ago, and it's amazing how it worked out. We're all proud of Mike.

I would try to get here about 6 p.m., get good parking and wait in line.

Judging by how sales have gone the past few days, I think we will have a sellout. That's what we're preparing for.

It's another sign that our fans are very dedicated.

The arena charges us when something like this happens, and we in turn will bill the Bombers.

I walk around and see how inventive they are, and you'll hear them break out in spontaneous chants. It creates an electric atmosphere.

We're very serious about this, and I think we can win. I think it would be great for our franchise and city to do this in our first season.

It's an honor to host the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup, in my opinion, is the most symbolic and well-known trophy in sports.