Dan Carlson
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"Daniel Steven Carlson" is a former pitcher in Major League Baseball. He was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 33rd round of the 1989 Major League Baseball Draft. In 1991, he was tied for the league lead with 16 wins for Single-A Clinton. In 1992 he led the league with 15 wins for Shreveport. With Triple-A Phoenix he led the league with 13 wins in 1994 and tied for the league lead with 13 in 1996.

Carlson made his major league debut for them in . He also pitched one season in Japan for the Chunichi Dragons in . He is currently the pitching coach for the Mobile BayBears.

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Every game we've played with them this year, this is our fourth one, has been like that.

They had high expectations, which they should, and it gets tough. We didn't have anything to lose. They were expected to win.

I'm proud of the effort. I knew if we could rebound, we'd be in good shape.

He's capable of that, and he's been sticking shots and playing aggressively. He's tough to guard when he's doing that.

He's a quarterback, he was scrambling and he threw a touchdown - to Schultz again.

Based on the magnitude of what happened, we want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

In both games, we've gotten off to rough starts. In both games, we've been able to close the gap but had too much to overcome. I think we're taking better care of the ball now, and our shot selection is better.

I felt like we didn't get in there and block out. They had too many second chances.

We have a veteran bullpen, which is good because we have a young starting staff. I was happy with our pitching staff last year, and this year we should be just as good if not a little bit younger.