There's a convergence going on in Internet online financial service offerings -- adding cash management functionality to their clients. They can't live on trades alone.

The market's not always going to go up, up, up, ... It is important to diversify the revenue stream.

I think it's one of those years where the competition among county schools is showing itself on the field. It's balanced out.

We headed north on the Grand Parkway to get to 90A, and it was moving.

Consumers are saying .... if Merrill is doing this, it bodes extremely well for future of online trading.

The jury is still out on that one.

We couldn't be more pleased the Lord spared us.

It looks like the old boys are trying to find a stone to throw at them [online traders]. The leaders of the [online trading] industry are aware of the situation, and are taking steps to do something about it.

Looking in the mirror is the most important thing. Am I looking to plan for retirement, or am I looking for a quick buck?