"Dan Birmingham" is a boxing trainer based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, who is best known for his work with the former World Light Middleweight Champion Winky Wright. Birmingham has been training Wright since he began his boxing career, and has remained with him to the present time.

Birmingham is the trainer of the 2000 Olympian and former International Boxing Federation/IBF Super middleweight Champion, Jeff Lacy and the highly regarded boxing prospect, Chad Dawson.

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Jeff just didn't do anything we asked him to do. We had a Plan A and a Plan B but there's nothing you can do when your fighter won't listen to you.

Jeff will be entering the ring armed with a secret weapon we've developed -- 'Arsenic and Old Lacy!' -- a combination of the old and the new Lacy, that will put Joe out of his misery very quickly. Trust me, Jeff will be no shrinking violet in this fight. He's going to break Joe's heart early in the fight.

There is a philosophy for every fight and a way to beat everybody. We collectively study the tapes. I don't do it myself. We put all that together and came up with a game plan. We're totally confident. Jeff is too strong. He's too fast. His determination and tenacious style are going to overwhelm this guy.

Chad had been working out for the last three weeks. He?s going to win this fight because his overall skill and his youth will take over.

This is huge for Chad. This is what he?s been waiting for, what he?s been working for and his life as a boxer is on the line. He?s ready for it and Harding is in for a long night.