Sutherlin came out and played some inspired basketball tonight. They played with a lot of heart. We buckled down in the fourth and took care of the ball and turned up the defense.

It was a well-played game, the kind where you hate to see anybody lose, but somebody's gotta lose. I'm extremely proud of them. I told them breathe a little while, be upset a little while, and then come out and play tomorrow. Baker's a tough draw for us. They're extremely quick and they pressure you on defense.

Lucy came out ready to play. But it was a good, balanced effort for us.

That's one thing that we talked about, was making sure we got off to a good start to get the crowd out of it. Good thing for us, we shot the ball very well.

End of the first quarter, beginning of the second, we let down (defensively). We overemphasized our concentration on Crocker and Peterson, and it took us out of our help defense. Our rotation was off. It was my fault. Eng wasn't part of our defensive game plan.

There is no doubt that Burns is the team to beat. They are extremely talented and very hungry to get that championship.

They're a big, strong team and we'll have to play our best game to advance. We may adjust our starting lineup to match up with them. ... The keys for us is to limit them to one shot and handle their defensive pressure.