You Always knew that Just One word Would Dry up all My Tears.

You can say it's like the official block party for the NBA, ... We have special performances, mini concerts and it's an all day event. There are tons of contests, players come out and it's just an all around good time for the family.

That was really going to block him.

I've encouraged David to get the process started quickly and get it over quickly because baseball doesn't wait around, ... You wait around and things can happen that will set you back.

If (pitch counts) were a panacea to our problems, I'd be all for it. But disabled lists are loaded with pitchers. There's hardly a pitcher living anymore that hasn't had surgery.

He was a big man, about 6-5. He had this leadership aura about him. You knew he was in charge. He was prepared and understood the game. He knew what it took to win. He was hard on players, but they understood what he stood for.

I started warming up at this place downtown for this guy and they asked me to be the headliner, ... From there, I practiced more, rocked the crowd, participated with the crowd and got notoriety.

And I awoke..Only to find my arms were empty..Though this night it seems that you were with me.