Dale Scott
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"Dale Allan Scott" is an umpire (baseball)/umpire in Major League Baseball. He worked in the American League from 1986 to 1999, and has officiated in both leagues since 2000, becoming a crew chief in 2001. He has worn uniform numbers 39 in the early parts of his career and number 5 ever since.

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We did not take care of the ball tonight.

It's a good-sized development, so there'll be enough rough for a large number of tenants.

It's a very nice project, well designed and in a great location. We're happy with how it's turning out.

We've got a lot of kids who can play and who can come in and contribute, and that's been an advantage for us. Everyone understands their role.

They took it to us pretty good in game one. I told the guys after that game that they kind of made a statement for the district, and we'd have to see how we'd progress throughout the year.

Being in Boca, we're conveniently right in the middle of the three areas that we tend to work at the most. It has a large role in why we've become a major player.

I think that's a big key, and it's been like that a lot for us. We try to generate some offense with our defense ... it's a lot more fun to shoot wide open lay ups than to shoot (while being guarded).

I thought we had a good start to the game tonight. We definitely have been concentrating on coming out ready to play, and I thought we were.

We've played a lot of guys this year, we've kind of had to mesh some kids from different classes, 9-through-12. But we've been getting a lot of contributions from a lot of different guys.