Up front they can play with an extremely large line or a smaller, quicker line. I expect a smaller line against us. If they take the large line and bull rush us we could struggle. They may change it up.

We had not practiced well until this week and that has me more optimistic. The kids understand the offense and defense and our long-term goals. They realize it is more of a journey than a short trip. We may get beat, but we can still move forward from there. If we win we have a better shot at the conference, but either way we can move on.

Offensively, we have been getting better each week. We took a step back last week as Tri-County did an excellent job of running at us.

Tuscola has a quality program. They will stay with what they have been using the past few years because it works. They can either spread it out or run. Defensively, they put as much pressure on you and see if they can bottle you up in the backfield.

We wanted to come out and score and they (Villa Grove) did a nice job on their first play. The fumble was big. Then we scored first and added a few more scores after that in the first quarter.

If we can come out in the first four minutes and be close, even or ahead we will be in it. If we get overwhelmed, make mistakes and are not ready for that intensity or action it is going to be a long night. We have the talent, but we just don't have the experience. Hopefully we can gain it in a quarter or less.