I look for hot chicks in tube tops. You know, you people-watch a lot. You talk to your crew to look busy. You look at people's cars.

The 48 (Johnson) ran into the 38 (Sadler) and I ran into them. That was an accident and accidents happen. We're all together so it's hard to miss something when you're going so fast. You can turn left, but the car is still going straight. It's just frustrating.

I'm just going to keep driving and have a good time doing it.

Fame is a lot of fun. Fame gets you to boxing matches, football games and cool stuff.

I cried a little bit in the race car on the way to the checkered flag. Well, maybe not cried, but at least my eyes watered up.

I'm surprised. I bet you all are surprised. That's the way it goes.

They defend everything we believe in. It's very important that the troops know that all Americans support them. And although their job may be difficult, they've got a lot of people behind them.

We'll find something else to run into each other with if it ain't the front bumper.