Dale Brown
FameRank: 6

"Dale Brown" is an American author and aviator, most famous for his aviation techno-thriller novels, with thirteen New York Times best sellers to his name.

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I think that's the advantage to us in selling lottery tickets. We're sitting here close to the Arkansas line and we have a lot of people that come into Oklahoma from other states.

A lot of athletes are arrogant, narcissistic, prima donnas and selfish, and he never fell into that category. He's one of the most-sensitive, intelligent people I've known. When all of this is over, I'd like to be his mentor.

Death is a part of every situation. This is just on a much larger level. Most guys from the New York Fire Department are feeling this just tremendous loss.

I was greedy, vain, selfish and took bad advice from financial professionals I trusted.

It always filters down to the purchasers of goods, food products and construction products.

You can't pinpoint it down to one specific thing, ... We look at the whole big picture of things.

In the convenience store business, it's very competitive and everybody's looking for an edge and I thought maybe it might bring more business.

We feel confident that this is what actually occurred.