Daily Express
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"Daily Express" is a daily national Middle-market newspaper/middle market Tabloid/tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. It is the flagship title of Express Newspapers, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell (itself wholly owned by Richard Desmond). In March 2014 it had an average daily circulation of 488,246.

Express Newspapers currently also publishes the Sunday Express (launched in 1918), Daily Star (United Kingdom)/Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday.

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What would Paula make of it all?

They squealed with delight and clapped their flippers when they saw their trainers.

[London's Daily Express newspaper said she had sentenced] our democracy to death, ... bizarre, deeply offensive and naive.

The mood on the streets of Belfast has never been more pessimistic.

Is this how we now must live? ... Britain will not be beaten.

If he had been a terrorist he could have wiped out the royal family.

What if he had a bomb?

It doesn't take much to fall off a boat and drown.

Hands off the tuck box!