Those things don't exist now. I think right now they're much more transparent in their accounting for their economy.

Mosquitoes are most prevalent in the late afternoon, so if you are going out during this time try to wear long sleeves and pants as well as mosquito repellent.

It is unconscionable that you could not find a way to open this process up to the public.

I do hope there is a possibility of getting back to the area and getting New Orleans rebuilt. There's so many people in need of that city. It's a city of nostalgia, a city of hope. I hope all is not lost.

It usually takes a diversity of backgrounds to put together a very competitive contract. This will give us an opportunity to develop these contracts. It is an entrepreneurial opportunity for our faculty and students.

It could be the weather or the combination of rain versus sun.

Every section of this community has a way to celebrate Derby. For young black people, they cruise.