We didn't panic. I called time and told the kids we didn't need threes. We just needed solid defense.

I'm happy for the team and myself. I'm been on the end of some ugly losses to them.

They (Eastside) played great. We never really got anything going. We took a game from them that weren't supposed to win.

I'm tired of losing to those guys. Let's get it done.

My hat's off to Chris for doing that. That was one hell of a streak.

It was a wild game. It was very stressful. It had everything that's great about basketball. We were up, then down, then up again. All the emotions in one game.

Meacham could have won it with 1.7 seconds left on the clock. That would have been something.

We never really focused on the 96-0 streak. We just wanted to beat them. But, it was nice to be the team that ended the streak.