There's not much here yet but a lot of opportunities.

We're very athletic and very quick, and we use this to bring out the pressure on defense to get in our opponent's face and force them to turn the ball over.

I wasn't really worried [at halftime]; I just wanted to come out and play harder. I don't like sitting on the bench a lot. I was fired up to go back in.

I think she's just one of the most lovely, energetic people I've ever met. She just always seems to be in a good mood, and I think having such a positive attitude rubs off on her little sister. They definitely look like sisters when they are together.

She you know, carries herself a little higher, she smiles a little bigger, it's pleasing to see, it's very rewarding.

They woke up, and everything in the house, from the beds down, was destroyed. There was no electricity. No water.

Everything was gone or ruined, ... There were pine tree limbs going through the top of the kitchen into the bathroom.

It seems like a minimal time commitment, but it makes a big difference to the children.