"Craig Haydn Roberts" is a Wales/Welsh actor. He is best known for playing the lead role of Oliver Tate in Submarine (2010 film)/Submarine, a coming-of-age comedy-drama, and the character Rio in the television series The Story of Tracy Beaker (TV series)/The Story of Tracy Beaker (2004–2006).

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We actually had a lot of requests to bring them back, ... Rick K. does just about everything as far as all types of music. I call him a cruise ship entertainer. It's a high-energy type of show. ... New Odyssey, they play like 30 different instruments among the three of them. They're a very talented group.

It's a fun event -- way wet. It's one of those firefighter challenger things that grew into a sport.

If there are just a few seed heads out, then forget it. Manage it like you normally do. But if your field is full of seed heads, then mow it. If it rains in May or June, the new growth will be leafy and less toxic than the fields not mowed.

We were in coach No. 3. And all I could see is the car in front of us start going like this -- crazy -- and all of a sudden things started flying. Things were just flying all through the air.

It was a windy night, ... Fortunately damage ... has been light.

The way this seems to be working, it's not explosive, it's smoldering. A case here, a case there. It's not a cause for alarm. It's something we're certainly worried about, something we're tracking and following. We're hopeful that the additional cases that will show up eventually will be minimal.

With all them being involved, it makes more of a community effort out of the whole event, which is what keeps the whole homecoming idea alive. And the result of that is something that's lasted longer than any of us, and hopefully it'll continue doing that.

The damage here in Treasure Key and most of the Bahamas is minimal, ... major beach erosion.