A small cooling unit with inexpensive racking costs about $1,500 for a 6-foot by 6-foot, 500-bottle wine cellar. But the sky is the limit if money is no problem. There are wine cellars . . . in the $100,000-plus range. Whatever you build, plan on spending $3 to $5 per bottle of wine for racking with a quality wood.

(Strickland) has more money than the other candidates. He's an excellent campaigner. Barring any unexpected event, he'll be impossible to catch. I think Ted can win in November.

I am proud of the success of our student staff program, the selection and training of RAs, the caliber of their work and their strong reputation on campus. The reputation of our professional staff is strong, as well. This year, Seton Hall was selected as one of 12 universities in the country to be studied and observed for best practices of the staff.

I was having a bad day today, but it's part of the business, you know, so you just try to manage your risks for what you can accept.

It's like a sport, ... You're always reacting. You're going to battle every day and some people don't like it. But if you're good, the pay's good.

The problem is many China's enterprises do not know what they should sell to the United States and the same is true with their US counterparts.

I can't wait, ... I'm just hoping that they'll see I'm not making this up. People need to be held accountable.

This triggered a series of trade friction, especially in the field of textile.