Cowboy Troy
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"Troy Lee Coleman III", better known by his stage name "Cowboy Troy", is an United States/American rapper. He is a member of the MuzikMafia, an aggregation of country music singer-songwriters whose membership also includes Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and James Otto. He has released four studio albums and one EP, including two releases on Warner Bros. Records, and has charted twice on the Billboard (magazine)/Billboard country singles charts.

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I was working my way up through management so I could get my own store, ... Then they invited me to go out with them. It was a big deal that a lot of people wanted.

It's true, if you go to someone's MP3 player or iPod you're not going to find just one genre.

I always thought to myself, 'Why should I appease you, Mr. So-and-So? Why shouldn't I just be who I am and do what I do? It doesn't really matter what I look like as long as the music is good.

Man, I've had people for years tell me what I'm doing is ridiculous, and I shouldn't be doing it.

I remember the first three times I bought tickets to see Brooks and Dunn and had tickets far away from the stage, so it's cool now to get to see them up close.

Hick-hop is a combination of your traditional country instruments - the fiddle, banjo, the pedal steel guitar - and then I'm running off the mouth on top of all that, ... I just started doing it because I grew up singing to country music and rap and rock, and I combined all my favorite music together and came up with this.

Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich).

People laugh about that old joke where country music songs are about getting your truck repossessed. Well, I did have my truck repossessed, ... I did leave a good job for a shot at stardom only to end up with a career in retail.

He's been a good ambassador for country music for people around the world.