Incredible - they smoked everybody.

Cole's just talking -- ain't nobody jealous of no Cole. Cole was running so slow. I was going to try to help him out, but I almost knocked him down. He fell in the end zone, so that's a good thing.

That's a lot of music to my ears. I understand that in the SEC we've got to have a running game. If we don't, the offense is going to sputter at times regardless. We're going to get back balance. That's music to the receiver's ears. We want to make plays.

You ever been to Oslo? ... It's like that, but prettier. It's between a hill and a river, a ridiculously green and idyllic place. And there's a full-sized mountain, and the desert's not much more than an hour away. The cost of living is pretty low, which suited us when we started. In fact, it used to be almost free.

We will have balance this week.

Whether The Cancer Council is funding parent or family support, or putting money into research, the funding comes from awareness of their work and days like Daffodil Day make it happen.

[They still live in Portland, a Pacific Northwest city 150 miles south of Seattle.] Portland has pretensions to being culturally informed, ... I got enough to hire my cokehead friends to design it.

Groups like The Cancer Council and Camp Quality are important to help people understand more about cancer.

I am excited about being involved in Daffodil Day. When I was sick my family needed to turn to someone for help and support. This is a chance for me to help the Cancer Council the same way they help people every day, it's important for people to believe they're going to get through everything.